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Wars and Disease

History Quiz

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1. Who attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii in 1941?

A. The Nazis (Germany)
B. Japan
C. The Soviet Union
D. Spain

2. With over 50,000 casualties, what was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War?

A. The Battle of Gettysburg
B. The Battle at Lexington-Concord
C. The Battle at Buxton Bluff
D. The Battle of Waterloo

3. What war took place in North America beginning in 1775?

A. The Revolutionary War
B. The Civil War
C. World War II
D. King Philip's War

4. Who was involved in the Civil War?

A. England and the United States
B. Mexico and the United States
C. Canada and the United States
D. The Union (North) and the Confederacy (South)

5. In what century was the First Crusade?

A. 800s
B. 900s
C. 1000s
D. 1100s

6. Who was the king of England during the American Revolution?

A. King Charles II
B. King James I
C. King George III
D. King Henry VIII

7. The Germanic tribe known as the Vandals destroyed what major city in 455 AD?

A. London
B. Constantinople
C. Paris
D. Rome

8. What cities did the United States drop an atomic bomb on at the end of WWII?

A. Tokyo and Berlin
B. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
C. Shanghai and Seoul
D. Berlin and Moscow

9. What killed nearly 50 million people in Europe from 1347 to 1351?

A. The War of the Roses
B. The Black Death
C. The Napoleonic Wars
D. The Spanish Inquisition

10. What happened to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of France?

A. They were executed during the French Revolution.
B. They contracted smallpox from an early vaccine.
C. They funded the expedition of Christopher Columbus that discovered the New World.
D. They fled to Holland to escape being captured by the Spanish.

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