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Empires and Colonialism

History Quiz

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1. Which crop was grown extensively on plantations in the Caribbean and South America?

A. Sugar
B. Soybeans
C. Corn
D. Wheat

2. What was New York City's original name?

A. New London
B. Nova Sevilla (New Seville)
C. Nova Bordeaux (New Bordeaux)
D. Nieu Amsterdam (New Amsterdam)

3. What European nation colonized modern-day Brazil?

A. France
B. Portugal
C. Spain
D. Italy

4. King Philip's War was between the British Colonies in New England and what Native American nation?

A. The Seminoles
B. The Iroquois
C. The Sanhicans
D. The Wamponoags

5. Genghis Khan, infamous for conquering much of Asia, was the leader of what empire during the 1200s?

A. Aztec Empire
B. Mongol Empire
C. Turkish Empire
D. Holy Roman Empire

6. What was the Boston Tea Party protesting?

A. The murder of colonist James Otis
B. The increased tax on British imports
C. The occupation of New York City by the British Military
D. The arrest of Benjamin Franklin

7. What was the name of the ship that the Pilgrims arrived on?

A. The Santa Maria
B. The Merrimack
C. The Virginia
D. The Mayflower

8. What happened on July 4th, 1776?

A. The United States won the battle of Bunker Hill against the British Red Coats
B. The Declaration of Independence was signed
C. The Constitution was ratified
D. George Washington was elected President

9. In what war was George Washington a general?

A. World War I
B. Trojan War
C. The Revolutionary War
D. The Spanish-American War

10. What city was Muhammed driven out of in 622 AD?

A. Babylon
B. Istanbul
C. Jerusalem
D. Mecca

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