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Inventions, Innovations, and Discoveries

History Quiz

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1. What important invention did Alfred Nobel patent in 1867?

A. Cannon   
B. Cotton Gin   
C. Dynamite   
D. Vaccines   

2. Where was the magnetic compass first invented?

A. China   
B. Russia   
C. Germany   
D. England   

3. Who was the brilliant scientist who discovered gravity?

A. Benjamin Franklin   
B. Galileo   
C. Thomas Hobbes   
D. Isaac Newton   

4. When was gunpowder invented?

A. 1400s   
B. 800s   
C. 1100s
D. 1600s   

5. What major invention in 1450 led to the European Renaissance?

A. Printing Press   
B. Guns   
C. Telegraph   
D. Telescope   

6. In what year did Columbus attempt to sail to Asia by going west?

A. 1240 AD   
B. 1492 AD   
C. 1592 AD   
D. 1930 AD   

7. Which mode of transportation was invented first?

A. Trains   
B. Electric Streetcars   
C. Airplanes   
D. Automobiles   

8. In what state was gold found in 1848, causing the gold rush of 1849?

A. Alaska   
B. Colorado   
C. Nevada   
D. California   

9. Who was the first European to explore North America?

A. Christopher Columbus   
B. Amerigo Vespucci   
C. John Cabot   
D. Leif Ericson   

10. What was quinine used for?

A. To flavor food   
B. To treat Malaria   
C. To protect tobacco and cotton plants from pests   
D. To sanitize water   

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