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United States and North America

History Quiz

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1. How long have humans been living in North America?

A. 1 million years   
B. 730,000 years   
C. 12,000 years   
D. 520 years   

2. What early North American colony famously disappeared?

A. Roanoke   
B. Atlantis   
C. Jamestown   
D. Plymouth   

3. What did the 19th Amendment do?

A. Guaranteed women the right to vote   
B. Guaranteed freedom of speech to all Americans   
C. Declared separation of Church and State   
D. Gave the President the right to declare war   

4. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do?

A. Declared the United States independent from England   
B. Declared the slaves in the American south free   
C. Declared that settlers who improved tracts of land in the western territories would own that land
D. Declared an end to the Indian Removal Act   

5. Who did the United States purchase the Louisiana territory from?

A. Dutch   
B. Sioux   
C. Mexicans   
D. French   

6. The Salem Witch Trials occurred in what colony?

A. Massachusetts   
B. Rhode Island   
C. Virginia   
D. New Hampshire   

7. Which crop was grown the most in Virginia?

A. Sugar   
B. Soybeans   
C. Corn   
D. Tobacco   

8. What region had an amazing number of Eastern White Pines in the 1600s and 1700s?

A. Mississippi River Valley   
B. New England   
C. The Deep South   
D. The Midwest   

9. When did Maine become a state?

A. 1776   
B. 1790   
C. 1813   
D. 1820   

10. During what decade did the dust bowl occur?

A. 1950s   
B. 1930s   
C. 1910s   
D. 1890s   

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